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“To us, the magic of creating virtual reality experiences is the ability to take the viewer on a journey to another place. A crucial component that makes this magic happen is immersive audio - and the skills, tools and experience required to plan, record, mix and deliver a first class spatial sound experience for diverse platforms. EccoVR creates complete, compelling audio experiences of the very highest quality – both artistically and technically - and they are true inspiration to work with.”
— Anders Hjemdahl, Creative Technologist & Co-founder, Pacific Virtual Reality
“Ecco VR has a great blend of creative and technical skills. They are 360 audio experts who are knowledgeable with all the latest tools and techniques. However, what really defines them is their vision, deep knowledge of music and sound, and easy collaborative spirit.”
— Christina Heller, CEO, VR Playhouse
“Joel and Ben are the most delightful collaborators. They are incredibly responsive, faster than anyone could hope for, and without any compromise to their professionalism and incredible talent. I’ve also found that they bring a real passion to every project and find a way to connect to the subject matter in a uniquely profound way over and over again. Curious, hardworking, kind people happy to call friends and colleagues.”
— Catherine Day Head of VR, M ss ng P eces
“The process of working with Ecco VR has been an entirely rewarding and educational one, for us. From sound design to spatialization, Ben and Joel upped the quality of every aspect of audio in our film...they worked tirelessly until our movie’s sound was sharper in scope and quality than we could have ever imagined. I can’t wait to hop back in the saddle (sooner than later) on another project with these guys.”
— James Alexander Warren / Producer of "Days Of Being Mild"