Imagine, as a child, leaving behind everything you know—your family, your home, even your native language. Those were only some of the hardships facing the child refugees who fled Nazi France for freedom in the United States. In the virtual reality companion piece to the Ken Burns and Artemis Joukowsky documentary Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War (on PBS), you can step inside the ship with them as they travel from Portugal to the United States. 


Lytro’s first VR demo uses their ground-breaking Immerse Light Field Camera to take you to the Moon. Working alongside VR Playhouse and Two Big Ears, ECCO VR is proud to have provided location ambisonic recording, post-production & original music for this historic piece.


Lionsgate Entertainment partnered with SilVR Thread to develop Nerve – Do You Dare, a new virtual reality app. As in the Nerve film, users can choose from experiences recreated using scenes from the movie, ranging from walking across an aluminum ladder bridge across two buildings or riding a skateboard while hanging on to a rope tied to a police car. ECCO VR provided all location VR capture & spatial audio.

With the help of VR, Ryan Seacrest, Conan O’Brien, and Tastemade's Jax Tranchida, Carlo Alberto Orecchia, Julie Nolke, Katie Quinn, and Jimmy Wong, viewers get an all-access tour of the city of Los Angeles. This group of LA-insiders bring the city’s most delightful secrets and world-famous attractions straight to the viewers. The piece is live in the Jaunt VR App now.


The first VR reality project created in partnership with JauntVR & Outside TV at the world renowned action-sports summer camp, Camp Woodward. Starring 14-times X Games winner, BMX sensation Jamie Bestwick, and The Jaunt One.


Experience Carnival and transport yourself to beautiful RIO DE JANEIRO. Explore RIO's breathtaking sights along side Olympic athletes Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski.  Get immersed in the culture and excitement in the host country of the RIO OLYMPIC GAMES beginning August 5th on NBC. Original Music & spatial sound by ECCO VR.


The inter-galactic music video of iTunes Number One hit song D∆WN: 'Not Above That' by VR Playhouse, launched at E3 by Wired Magazine.  In addition to creating a rich cosmic soundscape of planetary pass-by's and alien ships, ECCO VR spatialized elements of the music track, bringing them out into the VR experience.


ECCO VR collaborated with Jaunt VR & VR Playhouse to bring to life the amazing music of Grammy-nominated band Mariachi Flor de Toroache.  Featuring the dancers of the Leyenda Dance Company.  Be sure to download the JauntVR app to experience the fully spatialized head-tracking sound.


Collaborating with VR production house Specular Theory, ECCO VR created the spatialized sound for YouTube Red's first ever live-action VR series: Mat Pat's VR GAME LAB, featuring VR reenactments of the blockbuster games: Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes, Five Night's at Candy's, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Mirror's Edge, For Honor and Rocket League.  Available exclusively on YouTube Red, and viewable with 360 sound on YouTube's Android app.


Studio Transcendent's award-winning & historically accurate VR film "A Brief History of Flight". This unique piece was nominated for the 2015 Proto Award for Best Educational VR Experience at the most recent VRLA Conference.


Applied VR's drug-free, user-friendly alternative for patient acute pain and anxiety management. These are industry-first VR immersive and interactive VR environments inspired by over 20 years of rigorous academic research in medical VR, game design, as well as music and sound therapy. Developed in collaboration with Cedars-Sinai and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. 


The epic first-person live-action "Learn to Freestyle" VR experience from SilVRthread. A big hit at this year's CES, viewers went weak at the knees... umm...literally.


Strictly speaking, not VR. But we're so excited to have been a part of Man Made Music's amazing team to create IMAX's new brand theme, that we couldn't resist posting it.  Recorded with a 180-piece orchestra & 80-piece choir, and featuring "The World's Biggest Bass Drop" (down to 22Hz). No joke.